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Colombia is the world’s richest country in birds with more than 1900 species. Of these, over 76 are endemic to this country and approximately 109 are regarded as near-endemics.

Birding Bogotá & Colombia is a company based in Bogotá offering birding tours throughout all the country giving residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy Colombia’s remarkable bird legacy. We also are committed to environmental education, actively working with children and adults to promote the enjoyment and preservation of birds and wildlife and the environment upon which their well being depends.

Since 2008 we have offered birding tours of one or more days in the Bogotá area, the Eastern, Central and Western Andes, the Magdalena and Cauca valleys, the Caribbean and the Pacific Coasts, the Santa Marta Mountains and the Eastern Plains.

To help you plan a tour itinerary with us, you can request one of our established itineraries or one to be designed specifically for you. Soon we also will offer tours with fixed dates and a fixed maximum and minimum number of people.

For details on the places we visit in Bogotá and the Eastern Andes click here.

To learn about the places we visit in other parts of the country click here. Birding Bogotá & Colombia also offers trips to stay for several days at single destinations that are great for their remarkable values ​​in ecotourism and bird watching. Among these top birding destinations are the El Dorado Reserve (click here), in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; the Río Blanco Reserve (click here), in Manizales, Central Andes; the Hato La Aurora (click here), in Casanare Department, Llanos Orientales, and the El Almejal Ecolodge (click here) in the department of Chocó, Colombian Pacific Coast.

We also have a program for beginning bird watching that is designed to help children and adults, a program in environmental education and natural sciences and a program of books on birds, their appreciation and care and other environmental issues.

If you live outside of Colombia and love birds, we invite you to come and visit our country in our company! We want you to travel with us and experience what many customers have already told us: that they consider Colombia a wonderful country with amazing natural beauty and people that are warm and friendly, and that they would recommend it, and our services, to anyone without question!

If you live in Colombia, what better opportunity to learn about and enjoy our wonderful avifauna could there be than to participate in the hobby of bird-watching? You can share this rapidly-growing hobby with your family, your friends, your school, or even your company.

Bird-watching is now enjoyed by an estimated one hundred million people, world wide, and, learning about birding in the hands of Birding Bogotá & Colombia experts will provide you with a wonderful and unforgettable experience, both recreational and educational. This way you will experience, first hand, many unforgettable and wonderful adventures with birds, landscapes and people in Bogotá and throughout Colombia.

It will be our pleasure to help you!

The Birding Bogotá & Colombia team

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