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Birding Bogotá & Colombia is a company dedicated to bird watching, nature tourism and environmental education, based in Bogotá, Colombia. Our emblem (click here) is the charming Brown-breasted Parakeet (Pyrrhura calliptera), endemic to the Eastern Andes of Colombia. It can be found near Bogotá and is listed as vulnerable by conservationists because much of its high Andean forest has been converted to farmland.

We offer our clients a unique experience based on the great diversity and beauty of the birds and wildlife in our country. Our team is guided by a love for birds and for the many places that we visit and we want to share the passion and pleasure that we get from observing them with others.

We visit many exciting places in Colombia and all of our trips are organized with care and attention to detail.  On every trip we try to incorporate not only birds and wildlife but also interesting aspects of Colombia culture into our activities and we hope that each day will be both an enjoyable and an educational experience.

We want to reach as many people as possible with our message of appreciation for, and conservation of nature. We believe that one of the best possible ways to do this is through birding and showing people birds. We want to do this with the same dedication, responsibility and enthusiasm that have characterized our work in the past.

Diana Balcázar is the founder and owner of Birding Bogotá & Colombia. The company has evolved as a natural outgrowth of Diana’s bird guiding activities, which began in 2008, and from the environmental education programs that she has been conducting since 1998. Her fascination and love for birds began in childhood and matured with her involvement in the Colombian ornithological community beginning in 1998. Diana has organized and led hundreds of birding trips, ranging in length from one day to four weeks, to many places in Colombia. She also has conducted over 90 workshops on birding, and wetlands. To learn more about Diana Balcázar, click here.

Birding Bogotá & Colombia focuses on four areas: Birding Tours, Beginners, Environmental Education, and Publications.

Birding Tours

We offer half day, full day or multi-day tours designed on request with the goal of finding as many species as possible including, especially, endemic species. We visit the five geographical regions of Colombia (the Andes, the Caribbean and Pacific Coast, Amazonas and the Eastern Plains). In the future we also plan to offer tours with fixed departure dates and limited number of participants. To learn about our offerings in this area, click on Birding Bogotá and Birding Colombia.


We organize workshops and birding trips for people just starting out in this hobby or wanting to share it with others.

Environmental Education

We offer workshops aimed at fostering an appreciation of birds and the conservation of them and their natural environments. These workshops may include practical science research in natural outdoor classrooms.


We plan to continue our print and electronic publishing through fiction, non-fiction and educational literature with the aim of promoting knowledge, appreciation and conservation of birds and their natural environments.

After years of working as an independent guide, Diana Balcázar founded Birding Bogotá & Colombia in 2014. Diana wants to thank  her many clients who have enabled her to do one of the things she love most in life—birding—and with whom she has  learned so much and shared so many enjoyable days in the field.


She also thanks Robert Giles, Ángela Gómez, Luisa Conto, Diego Calderón, Pablo Flórez, Steven Hilty, Sergio Ocampo, Daniel Uribe, and many others, who have believed in her and enabled her to carry out her work.

She also thanks the Colombian and overseas birding companies who have relied on her and on her services, Colombian and international guides from whom she has learned many secrets about birds and guiding, environmental educators who have enthusiastically helped her in her work, employees and owners of nature reserves by always welcoming her with her clients in these wonderful places, drivers by providing both excellent  service and security, the ornithology community of Bogotá and Colombia for helping her learn about Colombian birds, and her family and friends for their continued support to her effort.

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