Birding Bogotá & Colombia

Birding Bogotá

Bogotá is located in a privileged area for birds and wildlife. The city is situated on a broad, flat plain at about 2600 meter elevation (8600ft) within the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes. It enjoys a pleasant and cool climate with a variety of beautiful montane forests nearby and with access to treeline and high páramo vegetation sites as well. It also is close to the Magdalena Valley to the west, and the llanos or grasslands immediately to the east. Both of these regions are at lower elevation and support rich avifaunas that are very different from what birders will encounter in the Andes around Bogotá.

The Eastern Andes, along with the nearby Magdalena Valley has been designated as an Endemic Bird Area (EBA) and is important for the large number of endemic birds that can be found in these areas.

Visiting birders and naturalists travelling with Birding Bogotá & Colombia will find that just an hour or two in any direction from Bogotá they will be able to encounter an amazing variety of different habitats. Within the city of Bogotá itself there are a number of marsh-and wetland sites and wooded areas that host several endemics. Further afield it is possible to sample habitats ranging from dry forests to cloud forests, stunted dwarf forest at treeline and exotic alpine grasslands, here called páramos, which are often misty and foggy and contain a variety of rosette-shaped plants and specialized birds.

In each of these different habitats our clients will be able to find endemic and near-endemic species of birds, some restricted to areas in an near Bogotá or within the Eastern Andes, and others perhaps extending northward just into nearby Venezuela. They will also be able to see some species more easily here than in other areas in Colombia, or in other countries. The rich avifauna of Colombia’s Eastern Andes and the Bogotá area in particular, makes birding here an unforgettable and worthwhile experience!

Three important places to watch birds within Bogotá are:

La Florida Park (click here)

Monserrate Mountain (click here)

Botanical Garden of Bogotá (click here).

Birding Bogotá & Colombia organizes day trips that can include all of these sites.

For those that want to travel further afield, we also organize tours to:

Chingaza National Park, a magnificent high Andean forest and páramo (click here).

The Enchanted Garden, a private site that maintains some 40 hummingbird feeders that have attracted more than 28 hummingbird species (click here).

Chicaque Park, a beautiful cloud forest with mixed especies flocks of tanagers, hummingbirds and others (click here).

El Tabacal Lagoon, a secluded, high-elevation lagoon with semidry montane forest nearby (click here).

The montane wetlands of Guasca/Siecha (click here) with several birds including Bogota Rail.

Sumapaz National Park, a high elevation site that includes Colombia’s largest páramo and many hummingbirds (click here) as well as the endemics Bogota Rail and Apolinar´s Wren.

Several other places around Bogotá.

Birding Bogotá & Colombia also organizes tours to more distant sites including Hato La Aurora, a large ranch in the eastern plains of Colombia (click here), and to the endemic-rich area around the town of Soatá, which is several hours north of Bogotá in the department of Boyacá (click here).

And, because many birders coming to Colombia also want to take the opportunity to see the exciting city of Bogotá and visit some of its museums and cultural and historical sites, Birding Bogotá & Colombia offers a variety of tours within the city of Bogotá (click here). Finally, we also offer trips to more distant regions in Colombia, all of which can be combined with our Bogotá city tours and tours in the Eastern Andes (click here).

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