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Monserrate Mountain

Key species

Endemic: Silvery-throated Spinetail.

Near endemics: Blue-throated Starfrontlet (rare), Rufous-browed Conebill, Pale-bellied Tapaculo, Golden-fronted Whitestart.


Andean Guan, Black-tailed Trainbearer, Shining Sunbeam, Glowing Puffleg, Sword-billed Hummingbird, White-bellied Woodstar, Scarlet-bellied Mountain Tanager, Black Flowerpiercer, Grey-browed and Pale-naped Brush Finches, Andean Siskin.

Approximate number of bird species: 32.
Height above sea level: 3150m (10,350ft).

The city of Bogotá is framed, on the East, by two guardian hills, Monserrate and Guadalupe. Amid remnants of high Andean forest, Monserrate is one of the touristic places par excellence of Bogotá. It offers a magnificent view of much of the city and of the Sabana and is a site of religious pilgrimages. It is easily accessible by cable car and funicular but there also is a walking trail. Surrounded by gardens and patches of forests, Monserrate Hill is an excellent place to look for an interesting array of birds, especially hummingbirds. In addition to the other species mentioned above it is good place to watch for northern migrants including Merlin, Broad-winged and Swainson’s Hawks, and Blackburnian Warbler. There also are a variety of places to eat at Monserrate including two excellent restaurants.

At Birding Bogotá & Colombia we easily combine visits to this place with a tour to the Historical Center of Bogotá (click here).

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